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Managing team projects: keeping control of budget, task, meeting minutes of all our projects

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have advices/tools to improve the way a team could keep control of several projects at the same time, all managed by different PMs, but using the same staff resources? Making sure all projects stay within budget and schedule, that the team is not overloaded at some point (or that PM have to fight to have access to staff if deadline are all at the same time), etc?
Any tools or advices to have efficient meeting minutes, and way to ensure all PM write meeting minutes ?
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You might need a PMO.

All you stated is about putting project/program management to work. It is my daily work life. There is not a matter of tool.

Katia -

As Sante indicates, if sufficiently justifiable, a PMO could be the delivery method for the solutions to these needs.

In general, it looks like you need a resource management process and some type of basic project management standards possibly supported by some tooling.

I'd focus on getting the process and standards in place and used consistently before investing in tooling.


I'm with Kiron, focus on the processes, not the tools.When your processes are done right, they can leverage whatever tool you choose or have available.

Like previous comments focus on the processes not the tools.

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