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Do you consider yourself an Agile PM? If so, what do you differently than a classic Waterfall PM?

I have heard a few comments from Scrum Master colleagues that there is no such thing as an Agile project manager. They specifically asked 'what would they do that a Scrum Master doesn't do? I had some thoughts but decided to post this to the community to see what you think.
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Agile something does not exist. In fact, if you search inside the new PMI´s PMBOK Guide you will not find any reference to Agile something. What exists is project management performed in different environments. Let me give you an example. In the organization where I am working today the same person is managing more than one project at the same time and one of those project use Scrum and other use our method based on waterfall. On the other side, waterfall is a life cycle process based on predictive life cycle model and Agile is a practice then they are not matter of comparison.

Its faster way of deployment of project deliverable. In an incremental delivery than entire delivery at a time. It involves continues feedback, based on deliveries and improving quality of the product. It advocates fast response to changes , improvements suggested and include them in next possible delivery.

I have always been an agile project manager; the waterfall or stage gate approach requires the ability to deal with emerging issues. The difference with having a more formal approach to agile is that is allows for more emergence but there is still the need to be in control of basic scope.

Perhaps your scrum master colleagues meant that there are no project managers in agile environments, because that role is shared among team members.

I consider myself as a Project Manager. Now it what type of setting will help determine specifics around my role. Many organizations maintain a flexible environment whereas the PM is able to choose the approach best suited for the particular project - maybe injecting a blend of traditional activities with a more agile centric mindset.

Be a hybrid Project Manager. Waterfall and Agile together is the way tio go. In a fast paced world you need the discipline of Waterfall while being Agile.

"Become like water my friend."

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A project manager who is managing a project which follows an agile delivery approach will still add value over and above a Scrum Master once you hit a certain project size or scale. The Scrum Master's focus remains on the agile team, but the PM has to take a much broader view dealing with multiple stakeholders external to the team. If you have multiple agile teams working together to deliver a large project, the PM will be responsible for orchestrating the work efforts of the different teams. Finally, when it comes to overall cost management, schedule management, communications management and all other knowledge areas, the PM will be the main conductor.

On a small project following an agile delivery approach, the role of the PM can be diffused across the agile team as a whole.


I strive and try to get project work done with an agile mindset independent from project model. Agree very much with statements from Sergio Luis Conte, Tim Podesta and Andrew Craig. The hard thing is really the mindset and what you are used to from the past....

Like Andrew, I am a project manager first. The approach(es) used on a project will depend on many factors such as size, standards, duration, industry and so on.
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