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Looking for Collaborators

I've read some really good articles in the Project Management Journal lately. I'm interesting in pulling together a topic and would be interested in collaborating with others.

Anyone interested? Open to a variety of topics, issues and challenges to research and present.
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Hi Patrick, that sounds interesting, what kind of topics would you want to collaborate on? Because I was thinking about writing articles on aspects like actual PMO development (most articles online about PMO development just seem theoretical and are too broad).

My areas of special interest are Investment Analysis, Front End Planning and Benchmarking.

Yes more on PMO value and survival would be good.

II am interested and have some publication experience

Dear Patrick, I can provide publication experience and also extensive experience in management of multinational cooperative research and development projects partially or totally funded by National or International funding Agencies. I can also provide experience on the issues and difficulties related to combine IPR protection and the donor request for free access to project results publications (especially in the case of universities research units). Presently I am working on Business Incubation & Acceleration, Innovation Management and Knowledge Transfer (specifically of University research results). I hope this can be of some interest. Best regards, David

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