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How do we break past the 30% project success rate?

I read a summary of the Chaos report today. Despite the greater adoption of Agile, the industry still hasn't broken past the 30% success rate glass ceiling.

The study provides no answers to WHY?

Anyone have insight on:

1) the true root causes?
2) why has nothing really changed in the past few decades?
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Ashok -

Remember that the Chaos report is not stratified by industry, geography or organizational PM maturity. As such, there are some pretty low maturity companies included in the mix.

Reasons why you won't see that success rate exceeding 90% include:

1. Inability to learn and apply lessons from past project issues

2. Taking on too many concurrent projects and/or too much multitasking

3. Using the wrong delivery approach for a project

4. Poor sponsorship

5. Ineffective communications

6. Ineffective requirements management

7. Low organizational PM maturity or support


Organizations do not understand what Agile really is. Then most of them do not take into account that they are applying Agile practices right now.

The Chaos report used to be based on the Iron Triangle. (I do not know if it still is.)

You can fullfil the Iron Triangle and still have a project with no positive outcome and no benefits. I would call that a failed project.

You can fail the Iron Triangle and still have a project with an enormous positive outcome and benefits far exceeding the project cost. I would call that a successful project.

Using the Iron Triangle to gauge success for an Agile project does not make sense.

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