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How is project management relevant in the video game industry? What is a good entry way into a project management role in the video games industry?

As someone who is an avid gamer and a professional in project management I am interested in knowing what it might take for someone to transition into a project management role in the video games industry.
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I have practical experience in the field. First of all, take into account that "game industry" is based on a complex (because the number of layers, not because it will more complex than others) architecture then you have to take into account which is the layer you will perform the project management activity. That is for video games. If you are talking about other type of games like casino, lottery, etc, in my personal experience project manager is critical because the subject matter expert are scientist then the project manager performs as an orchestra director.

Nikhil -

It's good that you are a gamer as some game development companies mandate that for new hires.

If you have experience leading teams in a product development setting using agile delivery approaches that would also be considered an asset.

Beyond that, location might be critical - while there are some gaming companies in the GTA, there appear to be more split between Vancouver and Montreal.

Finally, as with all other jobs, getting the inside track on an opportunity is your best bet to differentiate yourself from the generic crowd. Start to network with folks in the industry and let them know you are interested in making the transition.


Other than learning everything you can about it, the only other suggestion is to try to work in the industry in any capacity. Once you've earned your spurs, you can leverage your PM experience to get you into leadership positions.

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