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3 Ways to Advance Your Agile PMO

The book "The High-Impact PMO, How Agile Project Management Offices Create Value in a Complex World" tells real life stories in 3 domains that advance your PMO. YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED.

- Explore innovative solutions inspired from complexity sciences, indirect strategies, and human dynamics.
- Become an agile PMO delivering value to your projects in a complex world thanks to a set of various approaches, methods, and tools.
- Develop a High-Impact Center of Excellence in Project Management with a community of decentralized and “skin-in-the-game” project practioners.

To Your Continued Success!
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Looks interesting. A little steep for a Kindle price.Thanks for the link Philippe, I will check it out.

Thank you Sante. I admit that defining a price is a challenge for me. I am living in France and wonder how to set prices in different countries and different formats. Any advice is welcomed.

I find generally kindle books are around the $9-$15 dollar range, and from marketing experience, it doesn't translate into less money, but usually the same or more, as more people buy at a lower rate. Your book is longer than most kindle books that charge around the $10 range, and it is also a specialized book, so I would say $15-$19 USD is a good range. The other fact is it's so close to the paperback price, usually the two are much wider in price.

Thank you for your time and experience. I will right away update the Kindle price. My goal is primarily to share knwoledge!
Have a good weekend

Looks interesting Philippe. Thank you. I have it saved to my list.

I would like to explore this, thanks for sharing this Phllippe.

Looks interesting. I downloaded a Chapter and reading it. I liked your example of considering PMO as bottom of your burger bun. Looking forward to buy a copy and read it. Thank you.

Interesting ! Thank you for sharing !

Sounds interesting. Thanks Philippe for sharing the link.

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