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Looking for a Subject Matter Expert
Hello I'm Dean of Academics at Brighton College, a vocational college in Vancouver, Canada.

We are currently developing a PMP certificate and under the Ministry of Education, we must have the new program reviewed by a Subject Matter Expert. Could anyone recommend a PMP colleague who may be interested in ?
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Hi Amanda, I may be able to assist, perhaps private email me. Thanks.
I have a very experienced colleague, a professor in Management Science at NWU in South Africa. He is also a a chartered Accountant with an M.Comm and has about 13 years experience in ARES PRISM and SAP. He knows and has worked for Karl Vantine Senior Vice President at ARES. Apart from South Africa he has worked in Australia, Brazil, British Cross Rail and China. He is about 50 years of age.
He is Prof. Deon Van Wyk, 27829920029. His email is [email protected]

If you have problems contacting him I'm on 27836560846 and [email protected]
Hi Amanda, I may be able to assist,

I am not clear on your request ... are you developing a PMP Certificate? How is that different from the PMP by PMI?

Or is it a course for PMP Exam Prep that you are developing?
I am willing to help you. Let me know you mail id.
Hi Amanda,
Hope you got your review done. if not, I can assist you.
Good morning Amanda. I have experience in working in curriculum development, as I am currently on the business faculty at a local college, and consult with an online college consortium on their curriculum as well. Please let me know how I may be of assistance.
Thanks, Everyone. We have found an SME locally, but I'm glad to meet you all and will be in touch if we require any other reviews.

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