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How to integrate project management with SDLC for software development project?
What is the best approach to integrate the project management life cycle with the software development life cycle (SDLC).
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In general, the software development life cycle has the project management life cycle integrated into it. Generally speaking are the same. Perhaps what you are trying to say is how to integrate project management practices into you life cycle. If you go by the PMO way like stated into the PMBOK take into account is a guide then you have to take the knowledge areas, process, tools and techniques that best fits for your initiative. Just in case you use a software development method you will see that the method covers most of the PMBOK Guide stated.
Project Management applies to software development projects, the same way it applies to any other project. I manage IT projects and high level stages most of my projects, go through is CR (Customer requests), feasibility study, sign off from sponsor, planning, designing, implementation, testing and delivery. Some may happen in parallel and some in a series due to dependency, but overall if it's looked from project management prospective, software development projects also go through initiating, planning, executing , monitoring and controlling.
My response would be similar to Jaleel's. I utilize the project life cycle to navigate through the SDLC
Ali -

While the two will overlap, depending on the delivery approach taken and whether your situation is product vs. project-centric, one will start before and end after the other.

In a project-centric situation, there are likely to be activities at the beginning (e.g. charter creation) and end (e.g. administrative closure, lessons learned) which take place before/after the SDLC.

In a product-centric situation, the SDLC might include ongoing break/fix and small enhancements in which case projects might purely be a funding vehicle and multiple projects might fall within the SDLC.

I am looking for an SDLC Checklist, the company is working toward having 1 Checklist combining PMO/PMI and SDLC?

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