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Quality Assurance, Process Improvement VS PMO
Dear all, we have our web application development company targeting CMMi L3,
1. we have quality department with Quality head responsible for process improvement in project management, product management, and support processes
2. we have Quality Assurance department responsible for organizational process audits and organizational metrics
3. We have project director that all project managers report to and he is responsible for revenue targets
4. We have CEO

Can we consider that our PMO include quality department, project director.

how can we construct PMO in our organization, please advice
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Dear Nermine, there is no one right or wrong approach to contructing a PMO. Though you described your organization, you didn't mention what the purpose and value of your PMO is expected to be. From your post it sounds like you are seeking to achieve CMMi L3, you have three peer managers, and you are wondering if two of them should report to the PMO, your project director. In constructing a PMO, some folks prefer to focus on the mission and objectives of the PMO rather than solely focusing on organizational and reporting structures. Others prefer to focus on organization, resources, tools, and reporting. There are many sources of good useful information (books, case studies, white papers, websites, etc.) for your analysis and planning. For most organizations, the key is to first establish the purpose and "reason for being" of the PMO. From that vantage point, PMO organizational structure options both functional and matrixed are easier to construct. Perhaps if you could share the top three objectives or needs that your CEO is seeking to address, an organizational recommendation would come into view. Cheers! -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International
Thank you very much for your reply, here are the goals and objectives for PMO.
I took terms and statement from other threads to match terminologies

Main PMO Goals:
Most important reason for the PMO:
- Needed better corporate initiative alignment and project portfolio view across the company
- Provide better PM leadership and know detailed status for projects
- To prevent project failure through strong internal control over projects
- To determine capacity planning and the max no of projects a PM can handle
- To manage Resource Management (project human resouce allocation)
- To ensure project consistency
- To provide program management capability and standards
- To provide standardization of tools and processes
- project auditing and non-compliance reporting
- project metrics and measurement andbuilding organization measures

PMO Objectives
- Provide a framework within which project managers will perform their work. The framework will
- include Documented processes,templates, checklists (process group responsible now)
- The PMO will also provide an audit function to make sure the standards are being followed (QA responsible now)
2. Provide a means to report project status/health to senior management.
a. Current schedule status as it relates to the baseline schedule (pROJECT DIRECOTR RESPONSIBLE NOW)
b. Current budget status as it relates to the baseline (pROJECT DIRECOTR RESPONSIBLE NOW)
c. Human resource consumption as it relates to the baseline (for individual projects) (pROJECT DIRECOTR RESPONSIBLE NOW)
d. The total consumption of human resources for all projects (pROJECT DIRECOTR RESPONSIBLE NOW)
e. Outstanding issues for individual projects (pROJECT DIRECOTR RESPONSIBLE NOW)
3. enabling a culture of continuous improvement, and ensuring audit and compliance (mEASUREMENT TEAM RESPONSIBLE)
a. Responsible for converting raw project metric data into the variety of reports and statistical analysis for a varying audience of stakeholders (mEASUREMENT TEAM RESPONSIBLE)
b. have the overview of the portfolio of projects under way to spot trends and common issues and also ensure the portfolio is correctly alligned to the corporate strategy. (pROJECT DIRECTOR RESPONSIBLE)

i long for the answer of Nermine's question. Our bank is in the same situation now. Please help me. Thank you all.
It is very difficult to give an answer to this as all companies and PMOs are different with different maturity levels and different problems and goals.

To address your PMO Goals and Objectives you need to follow the following High level process;
- Identify the PMO Sponsor (without one, do not bother proceeding. Define roles and responsibilities for the Sponsor and the person leading the Implementation/Improvement.)
- Assess your current state (what is happening, what is in place, what works well and what needs fixing, but most importantly...WHY)
- Clearly define your desired end state (What do you want to deliver, what services you want to offer, what business benefits you are trying to deliver or address, what problems you are fixing, etc)
- Define your roadmap to get there (clearly defining quick wins, medium term objectives and long term goals. Making sure that your plans are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based.))

If you want to talk further on PMO Implementation and Improvement contact me directly.

I hope this helps.

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