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Freelance PM insurance

Hi all
I have taken on a short contract as a mechanical Project Manager. I decided to start a limited company to do this. My liability on this project is minimal. Can anyone suggest the minimum insurance I should take out to meet legal requirements. I am situated in the north of England.
Thank you
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Steven -

Is there anything specified in the contract you have signed with the client? In the past, when I was working as an independent consulting PM, any requirements for general or liability insurance were usually identified in the T's & C's of the contract.


Hi Kiron,
Thank you for your reply. There is nothing specified in the contract. I was thinking more of a general requirement or recommendation.
Thanks again

In most countries the limited liability of the corporation provides a level of cover for the individual,

Hi Sante,
Thank you. I figured as much. Just thought I'd ask in case I. was missing something
Thank you everyone

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