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Most Common PM Interview Questions
Does any one have input/experience on the most commonly used interview questions for a Project Manager/Software Development Manager?

Questions: General

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. What is your roles and responsibility in your company?

3. Whom do you report to?
4. What is your boss role and how do you differentiate from your role?
5. What is your team size and how many of them directly report you?
6. What is your project size? In terms of $$.
7. Who are your clients? What kind of projects you were/are dealing with?
8. Tell me any three qualities of a Project Manager.
9. What’s your strength and weakness?
10. If your user is not happy about the UAT, as a PM how do you respond?
11. How do you handle non-productive team members?
12. How do you motivate team members who are burned out, or bored?
13. How do you handle team members who come to you with their personal problems?
14. What are your career goals? How do you see this job affecting your goals?
15. Explain how you operate interdepartmentally.
16. Tell me how you would react to a situation where there was more than one way to accomplish the same task, and there were very strong feelings by others on each position.
17. Consider that you are in a diverse environment, out of your comfort zone. How would you rate your situational leadership style?
18. Give me an example of your leadership involvement where teamwork played an important role.
19. What have you learned from your failures?
20. Give me an example of a stressful situation you have been in. How well did you handle it? If you had to do it over again, would you do it differently? How do you deal with stress, pressure, and unreasonable demands?
21. Tell me about a tough decision you had to make?

Questions That Examine Project Management Experience

1. What are the necessary steps to successful project management?
2. How do you plan for a project?
3. What is important to consider when planning a (your type of project)?
4. What are things that you have found to be low priority when planning for (your type of project)?
5. What distinguishes a project from routine operations?
6. What are the three constraints on a project?
7. What are the five control components of a project?
8. What qualifications are required to be an effective project manager?
9. What experience have you had in project management?
10. Name five signs that indicate your project may fail.
11. Tell us about a project in which you participated and your role in that project.
12. When you are assigned a project, what steps do you take to complete the project?
13. As you begin your assignment as a project manager, you quickly realise that the corporate sponsor for the project no longer supports the project. What will you do?
14. Your three month project is about to exceed the projected budget after the first month. What steps will you take to address the potential cost overrun?
15. Tell us about a successful project in which you participated and how you contributed to the success of that project.
16. You are given the assignment of project manager and the team members have already been identified. To increase the effectiveness of your project team, what steps will you take?
17. You have been assigned as the project manager for a team comprised of new employees just out of college and "entry-level" consulting staff. What steps can you take to insure that the project is completed against a very tight time deadline?
18. What is a "project milestone"?
19. What is "project float"
20. Your project is beginning to exceed budget and to fall behind schedule due to almost daily user change orders and increasing conflicts in user requirements. How will you address the user issues?
21. You’ve encountered a delay on an early phase of your project. What actions can you take to counter the delay? Which actions will have the most effect on the result?
22. Describe what you did in a difficult project environment to get the job done on time and on budget.
23. What actions are required for successful executive sponsorship of a project?

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