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I need a mentor to assist with my upcoming PMP exam

After 2 failed attempts at the exam is there anyone out there that can assist me with passing this exam on my final attempt?
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Its really difficult to gather strength to start from the scratch after an attempt which didn't go as planned. I may not have the expertise as most of the seasoned and educated members on this site but I am ready to do what I possibly can.

Have you thought about what you need to focus on? What are the areas you struggled with?


May I suggest the PMPrepCast. In addition to the video course, the Christopher Scordo book below is is primarily what I used for practice questions. It was a great investment for me. Read the responses to questions you get wrong AND correct. It helps reinforce you knew why you got the answer correct.

This was a good summary reference of key concepts

This is a compliment to the PMBoK Guide. It basically asks you questions to see if you understand what is in PMBoK.

Other resources:; phone app (free) pmp exam mentor; Oliver Lehmann 175 questions pdf – find online. I strongly recommend doing these questions as part of any study plan; LinkedIn Group – I want to be a PMP

Other tips:
Make sure you understand the data flow diagrams. Example: Figure 5-10, pg. 126; Re-read PMBOK, especially when you are reviewing incorrect practice questions - go back to that section of PMBOK; memorize Table 3-1

Are you okay with time management during the exam? One thing I did was mark all the questions that required calculations and completed them at the end. This saved me time in that I did all the calculations together and didn't have to flip back and forth between calculation questions and other questions.

Complete as many practice questions as you can.

It would help to know what you are using to study and where you may have struggled to help you more.

I think you need to analyse why you failed the first two times. What are the areas where you need to improve ? Without this I doubt that anybody can give you specific advice. It would be like a doctor giving a prescription without examining the patient. First you need to understand the situation and then act and not the other way arround.

Hi Marvin,

I think as Nenad Pesic, first analyze each exam preparation you had.
Managed to get 80% in simulations?
For how long have you been studying/preparing the exam?
Do you study in English?
What material have you used: Rita, PMBOK, websites, forums...

I will recommend 2 things you have just here, which I used and enjoyed during my PMP exam preparation: 1) PMchallenge; 2) PMwars

You can write me if I can give you any further help:
1 reply by Marvin Rudulph
Nov 29, 2017 1:31 PM
Marvin Rudulph
Update: I expect to discuss a study plan today with Tonja Morgan. Also, I have reached out to my chapter for assistance. Thank you Jorge.-Marvin

Hi Marvin,

One of the best things I did for myself to ensure I was prepared for the exam was to sign up for my local PMI chapter's PMP course. I also used for studying and testing. PMchallenge helped me tremendously as did reading Rita and the PMBOK several times through.

As several people pointed out, you need to review your previous exam results to understand where your weak points are. This will allow you to focus on the areas you need to spend additional time on.

Hi Marvin
First of all you have to analyze your gaps in your knowledge areas and identify where you lack, then try to focus on these areas. Try to go through Rita simulators on PMP exam, and try to get master and score more than 90% before again sitting on exam. My services are available whatever i can guide u.
1 reply by Marvin Rudulph
Dec 01, 2017 6:30 PM
Marvin Rudulph
Thank you

I would say focus on answering more questions and re read PMbok guide in different way however you could test your self at the end of knowledge are .

Good luck

The consensus Marvin is to study further the areas that you are getting answers wrong on the simulation exams. I assume you are doing a bunch of mock exams, which is crucial for getting familiar with a wide range of exam type questions.

Marvin -

has you utilized a professional online exam simulator or at least have you done a serious amount of practice questions/exams?
And if so, have you analyzed your results to figure out where your weak areas are and where you need to focus on?

Have you thought about your study approach and what you might be can do better? Have you read some Lessons learned from already exam takers to learn from them how they prepared?

You see, there are a lot of things to consider ... I would love to be your coach in this but unfortunately, i can't effort the amount of time what would be necessary to do so.

But there are some things you can do:

First, refer to this articles with may be helpful information for you:

Why You Failed PMP Exam and Missed Your Chance to Being a Certified Project Manager (Video included)!:

Guide to those who failed the PMP Exam!:

Then you can boost your exam readiness the upcoming weekend with the help of the well known PMP Exam Coach Dan Ryan; please have a look here:

If you haven't used a PMP exam simulator yet, then you should read this article here:

A PMP Exam Simulator Will Help You Pass the PMP Exam

A PMP Exam Simulator Assesses Your Readiness for the PMP Exam

And finally, you might consider joining our

FREE! - PMP Exam Prep Guidance Program
Besides an active community, you will receive a well-structured and guided preparing approach with 14+ sections covering all PMP Exam prep topics and additional content.

There is a premium version available also with additional contents, tools and checklists and chapter-wise questionnaires.

PMP Exam Prep Guidance Program - Pemium

Hope this helps a bit.


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