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Who takes control and the reporting matrix in the project team?

In an Agile setup especially for large scaled projects, there is always the norm that the below roles are part of the project team:

1. Agile Coach
2. Scrum Master
3. Programme Manager
4. Project Manager
5. Project team members

This brings down to some instances whereby:

1. The Project team members are not clear on who would they need to update on the project deliverables.

2. Scrum Master reports to the Programme Manager? Or vice versa?

3. In some projects, the Scrum Master and Programme Manager role are being done by the same person. Will this create potential conflict of interests to the escalation flow.

Do provide your thoughts based on experiences encountered.
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All stakeholders are updated on stories completed, or at least they can view them from a variety of information points. No one reports to the Scrum Master; it is not meant to be a management role. The Scrum Master may report to a Program Manager. The Product Owner (and in some scaled projects the Chief Product Owner) is usually the contact point for the product/project deliverables, and the accountability for the product/project rests with them.

Christopher -

I don't view an agile coach as embedded in the team - to be effective, they should sit outside of it.

Scrum Masters/Agile Leads are facilitating agile delivery processes within each team, but will coordinate their work effort across the teams through a PM who in turn might report to a Program Manager if the product is large enough.

In general, I'm not a fan of team members "updating" someone on status - appropriate use of work management tools, information radiators, and standard ceremonies such as standups and reviews should avoid the need for such traditional practices.


Yes "information radiators" are designed to reduce or avoid individuals providing status reports.

Those roles depends on the method you use. If you use DSDM no Scrum master will exists for example. So, you have to read about the method you use and understanding the roles the method is listing. That´s all you need to know. For example, in my actual work place, the same project manager is working on waterfall based environments and Scrum based environments at the same time and she/he reports to me because I am program manager. My programs have a mix of projects using different approaches.

Very much agree with my colleagues. Depends on the organization's model, needs, and applied practices and methods. Ideally, there is a mechanism in place for team members to update status that is centrally managed and available.

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