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Co-op/Intern position

I am looking for an internship position as Project Coordinator in Toronto area to start January 2018. I appreciate any referrals and introductions assisting my search. I have five years of experience leading Lean Six Sigma projects, and I am certified as PMP. Please send me a message in private if you have an opportunity. Thank you.
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I will keep it in mind. At the moment, from my side, I am not aware of any opportunities. It could be tough at this time due to holidays.

With that experience and credentials, why just an internship or co-op? Either way, I'd also suggest reaching out to your local chapter and seeing what is available via LinkedIn.

Good luck! Keep us posted on your progressions.

Yeah that was my thought that you are already a PMP and have years of six sigma projects, why just be a project coordinator?

Selling yourself short there. It will be good to wait till the new year and explore a proper Project Management opportunity

I need the co-op/internship to complete my post-graduation program in Advanced Project Management. Even if I get a full-time position, the company has to agree on the co-op term.

Thank you for your replies

Ah that makes more sense. In that case it should be a lot easier, especially if you accept pro-bono roles with any number of institutions. Or are you looking to work full-time with them and qualify for your post-grad assessment? I'm unclear if you work in one job and just want the PM experience in another, or going to university full/part time and want the PM experience.

Most companies are pretty flexible in your work week. For example, one of my colleague is doing his MBA while working full-time.

Because of your certification and experience, you might appear over-qualified to recruiters and employers. Make sure to set your compensation expectations up front so they understand what you are trying to do.

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