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Retention best practices for customers/clients?

I'm doing some work for a vision care company and am eager to find best practices for customer retention ACROSS all industries, not just insurance.

Looking for ideas on marketing, operations, data mining, customer lifetime value calculation, etc.

Any ideas kindly appreciated!

Get to know the customer on first name basis
Go the extra mile . Offer extra guidance and suggestion regarding your product
Check back to see how the customer is going on the use of your product
Make them aware of new offerings and new features that your company is providing
If you are a service provider, make sure your offering has ergonomic features. Example if you are running a beauty salon, make sure the waiting chairs are comfortable.
Let there be a way of them contacting you at any time . let them leave a feedback on a website if it's after hours. Let them know you have received their message by thanking them

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