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How does a PMO support and engage the needs of PM programs/projects/initiatives in line with the success of the corporate strategy?

Working with a client to better align the concerns of existing project managers so they see a truly supportive role that the PMO takes in the success of their projects (types -
programs/projects/initiatives) while focusing on achieving a high level of objectives that speak to the corporate strategy.
A component of this view will be to ensure a. The interest and concerns of the PM's are included in the solution process. b. Helping the PM's to see how their work contributes to achieving the corporate strategy c. Their involvement impacts other departments and hence their contribution is mission critical for the overall success and sustainability of improvement towards achieving optimal levels of established goals.
Your thoughts and perspectives are welcome.
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Sorry if I did not understand your post but nothing in your list matters to implement a PMO. I am working doing than from more than 30 years ago when the word PMO almost did not exists. The only way your PMO support strategy is when you create a PMO for strategical reason what does means to solve an organizational problem. Strategy is the way the organization answer to environmental stimuli. Functions/Process are the mean to answer those stimuli. So, portfolio/program/project management functions/process must be defined as a component inside the organizational strategy. After that, is time to decide if a new physical business unit deserves to be create to locate those functions. This physical business unit can be named PMO or the name you want. If it part of the strategy then there is no way to not assign resources to it because the top management is the butler of the strategy.

Ronald -

What you are describing is a PMO supporting two separate sets of stakeholders with different service offerings. This is a common pattern but needs to be authorized through the business case which led to its institution and should be effectively staffed and structured to help facilitate good PPM while also enabling successful project delivery by PMs residing outside of the PMO.


What I hear here is that there needs to be a feedback loop for PM processes and lessons learned. The strategic vision of the company is what would have initiated the creation of the PMO in the first place, so if it was setup correctly, this would or should have included metrics to ensure it was and is still successful, such as what you mentioned: "helping the PM's to see how their work contributes to achieving the corporate strategy" and "the interest and concerns of the PM's are included in the solution process".

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