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How to ensure project success by following Scope Management Processes?


We have a new project and we need to make sure that if we follow scope management processes like collect requirements, Define scope,WBS...etc we can ensure project will be success. How can we clarify this?

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You need to work on scope throughout the project. Involve the customer actively to prioritize and value scope items. Deliver highest value with highest priority. Allow and embrace change as in many cases scope gets clearer during the project journey. Check, wether project environment has maturity and customer is willing to a agree on agile practises.

Remember that scope management is just one of ten knowledge areas in the PMBOK - excellence with it and mediocrity in the rest will result in failure. Also, ensure you tailor your processes to the context and complexity of the project - there is no one size fits all...


Forget about it. Not at all. You focus must be project requirements that will be defined from product requirements. With project requirements on hand you will create all the other deliverables you have defined like project scope.

Following the scope management processes will ensure that you can minimize work slipping through the cracks. This is because , having a WBS helps to identify almost all of the work required in the project.

Effective Scope Management and using the PMBOK scope management processes will enable you to take a significant step towards preventing or minimizing Scope creep and Gold Plating.

But remember that once you have identified the individual work packages, you still need to break them down into activities and use Time Management processes to schedule them.

So as Kiron has correctly pointed out, it does require you to leverage other process groups and processes to make the overall project a success.

It goes without saying that Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. Whereas, a well defined scope, WBS and detailed understanding of the project and product requirements without doubt will help a PM in effectively carrying out other important PM processes such as clear understanding of WBS, work packages and activities will help a PM in creating a better scope baseline, generating more accurate cost estimates that are so critical in determining a more realistic and accurate Project budget and all this will only help the PM in better control of the project costs, timely delivery of various deliverables, control scope creep, and don't forget scope management is an excellent communication tool and better scope planning and baseline will help a PM in improved communication with project stakeholders leading to better engagement with them and many other similar benefits that may well increase chances of a successful project outcome.

Besides, a better understanding of product and project requirements may help in better quality assurance resulting in producing what customer wants and requested thereby increasing the chances of deliverables' acceptance and easily securing early customer sign-off that is so critical to ensure on time project delivery with greater customer satisfaction which I believe is one of the many primary objectives of any successful Project Management effort.

But I also agree with others' posts that for a successful project outcome, besides focusing on a good scope planning, a PM has to excel in effective use of various processes as documented under other domains of PMBOK.

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