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Is the E & P industry ready for the (IoT) Internet of things? is it the right project and the right time for it?
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Adel -

I normally think of IoT in the context of service delivery either B2B or B2C. I'm struggling to come up with an E&P application of this so perhaps you could provide a use case for us to consider?



IoT is quiet the interesting project. In the last days, I've also had the question posted to me by a colleague in another industry. Personally, I think the E & P industry may have some conversations they might consider. For instance there's a grey area about service delivery (as mentioned by Kiron). Which seems to suggest; time readiness.

So I think the idea can be juggled a bit more



E & P industry is a nice abbreviation looking it up found mainly two definition.
Exploration & Production also Editor & Publisher
Considering your background the first is the one you're talking about.

You have a case in point?

IOT applications and use cases are applicable to various industries including E&P. The pace at which IOT applications are growing is phenomenal. At present the penetration is not deep. However, the growth indicates that the future belongs to IOT. Early adopters are getting advantage and will continue to take the lead in the near future.

Adel, whether it is ready, I cannot judge, as I am more in the Discrete Manufacturing Industry with my projects. But looking at SAP blogs etc it appears the topic is already arrived:

I have the opportunity to lead a pilot to demonstrate IoT in 1999 using the whole New York Citi (USA) as our scenario when I worked inside a company which was Microsoft partner. Long time ago. IoT is one mean more to deliver environmental stimuli to an organization which must be consider as an open and adaptable system. So, IoT is not the problem to solve. Organizational strategy and architecture (architecture follows the strategy) is the problem to solve and taking into account. When you understand that you will be able to deal with any new buzzword that somebody will create in the future (today, IoT is a new buzzword that jeopardizes the use of a valuable environment)

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