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PMBOK 6th Edition - Friendly or Passive?

After going through PMBOK 6th Edition, I am very impressed with the 'reality' factor it adds. It makes more sense and is friendly to ready and digest.

Have you reviewed the book, what is your take on it?
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Michael -

I did a webinar a couple of months back contrasting the two editions - while the addition of tailoring considerations, emerging trends, agile/adaptive considerations and the increased content on the PM role are all steps in the right direction, the size increase of the document (700+ vs. 500+ pages) and the growth in the ITTOs makes it a little overwhelming, especially for someone who might not have read earlier editions.

This growth also is likely to further the incorrect perception that it is intended to be a "one stop shopping" for project management as opposed to being one reference among many.

2 replies by Manuel Guerrero and Rami Kaibni
Dec 13, 2017 4:49 PM
Rami Kaibni
Kiron, I recall Ive watched this video you did and it was great. Do you mind sharing it again please.
Feb 15, 2018 8:07 PM
Manuel Guerrero
Hi Kiron, I would like to watch your webinar. Could you please share it with us again. I haven't found it.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind attention.


Agreee with Kiron, change in traditional project management,things are included in PMBOK 6th Edition to cover up the changes which at present happening. Knowledge share is over whelming.
1 reply by Mounir Ajam
Dec 13, 2017 3:32 AM
Mounir Ajam

I am curious - what you think traditional project management is and why is this relevant in a PMBOK Guide discussion?

We need to get used to changes, since it is required by the profession. I do not wana say that all the changes are necessary or OK, however, this is the way that PMI decided to work. We better to trust them at least now.
1 reply by Mounir Ajam
Dec 13, 2017 3:34 AM
Mounir Ajam
Why do you better trust them? So if something that is wrong, we accept it because PMI said it is?

My 15 years old was mentoring his 12 years old brother about a couple of years ago and his message was "do not trust blindly, question everything"

I agree. I wrote a post on linkedin on the same. I really like the new version.

I'm still reading it. I'm looking out for the 2 new processes added, to make it a total of 49. So, far, it seems a lot easier to absorb than PMBOK 5.

The PMBOK 6th Edition is a significant change from earlier editions of the PMBOK. To someone new to the field of project management, the PMBOK 6th Ed. may seem as though it is THE project management "how-to" book. As someone who understands how the PMBOK can be used, I genuinely like the expanded format, but I also know it is but one of many knowledge references available to draw upon.

I was part. I will say what I lived as a component of the hugh group of content reviewers. The same with portfolio, program and business analyst standards obviously. My objective as other was to integrate all the standards mainly related that PMI is putting focus on new role (new for the PMI but it is outside there from long time ago): the business analyst. To achieve that some things have to be changed and there are work to be done in the next editions. Main topics were: 1-including systemic thinking as a basement for all related to projects. Because of that take into account a new session was added related to environment. 2-clarify the difference between product and project because project manager is accountable for the last one while business analyst is accountable for the first one. 3-clarify that project management is performed into different environments but things like something project management or something project management do not exists. 4-clarifiying the diference between project management approches, process and methods. 5-clarifying that we deal with resources, any type of resources.

I can see lots of new information, new processes and so on in the PMBOK 6th edition. I also noticed that more emphasis on benefits management and knowledge management throughout the project.

I think the 6th Edition provides a reality factor than the 5th edition did. In fairness, the 6th Edition makes understanding of the concepts a bit more easier than the 5th. Having the Agile Methodology also makes it relatable in a lot of ways that the 5th Edition doesnt do. I am still going through it though.

I studied 6th Edition and after that i studied 5th Edition, i like the 6th Edition because it's included more details, more information but on other hand it is included more processes and more inputs & outputs and used more tools & techniques for each process, so i prefer to get my PMP exam on 5th Edition.
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