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PM Software tools- Newer ones

I am noticing some startups and midsize companies are looking to use/evaluate new emerging PM software for managing triple constraints in projects. What are some good recommendations for such tools?
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It would be interesting to know if they manage the triple constrain of PMI and the 6 from Prince2.

Check out Digite Suite + MPP combination

Can you kindly tell what are these new PM software.

Deepesh, can you share some examples of these tools?

Deepa -

There are hundreds of PM tools, many of which are listed here:

But picking the right tool for an organization requires:

1. Understanding which practices and processes have reached a repeatable, quality level and hence lend themselves to be automated or supported by such tools.
2. Identifying the reporting needs of key stakeholders.
3. Considering usability, flexibility, integration and scalability.
4. Taking the whole lifecycle cost into consideration.


I worked in the past on the other side of the desk inside the companies that sell the most known tools in presales division. My recommendation is simple: the tool must match your actual process. If not you are buying a nightmare instead a tool.

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