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Primary School - Project Management training

Does someone know any reference material to develop a program of project management training course for kids and teachers?
Concepts such as teamwork, self-organization, planning, stakeholders, etc could be teached via game-based learning
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I suggest to consult with some teachers about their concerns and then based on the simple concepts of PM, provide the material and/or game for them.

I found a few resources that should help:

Not aware of any resources but maybe lego based games? Kids love legos- you can make it a project and involve elements of team management, collaboration, planning, costs (how many bricks you can "buy"), time, resourcing (move team members around randomly)...


Check the below PMI operated websites:
1 reply by Rami Kaibni
Dec 19, 2017 12:03 PM
Rami Kaibni
A correction to my earlier comment: is a PMI Registered Education Provider, not a PMI operated website.

I like Sromon's idea. You could even have "functional managers" who would have specific lego blocks, for example all the same colour.

The project manager or team leads, would then have to negotiate with the functional managers to get the resources they need for their project.

How about something like a treasure hunt?

Let children play a sport like futbol/football (soccer in USA). The same from others sports. All they need to know is there..

Frances has a listed a great resource.

Check out Project Management Educational Foundation. You'll have to create a separate account aside from PMI.

Here is their link.

Yes PMIEF has some resources on this topic.

good ideas shares, Thanks to all colleagues for sharing
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