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From Human Resources Management to Project management

Hello fellow PM Professional.

I am new to this community and would like some career advice. I studied Human Resource Management and I have over 6 years experience as a human resource and admin executive. However, over the course of my career, I developed an interest in project management and now willing to focus more on project management. How can I go about it?

In May 2018 I would also be working on my MBA final thesis which I am yet to pick a topic. I would appreciate your insight and contribution.

Thank you
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I have worked on my fair share of human resources project. You should be looking for those opportunities to get your project experience. Get on a project in any capacity but try to take some leadership role, say team lead. Leadership roles allow you to work closely with the project management team, thus building project management skills.

One suggestion for your thesis: case study of Munich's Windows-to-Linux-to-Windows journey.

About your tesis my recommendation is using a topic you have practical experience. Human resources in this case. About project mangement take into account that project management world does not end in the PMI. You have GPM, IPMA for example and you have all related to PRINCE2 which is a method.

Omolabake -

Start with a good foundational course in PM covering the main knowledge areas. From there, as Stéphane & Sergio have recommended, leverage your domain expertise by managing a few projects (with progressively greater levels of complexity) in the HR domain. Once you've done that, you can decide whether you want to stay within the HR project management space or whether you wish to jump to a different industry and plan how you will gain the necessary knowledge and credibility to do so.


I agree with my fellow colleagues opinion - It is a good idea to take the CAPM certification. Studying for this certification will open your eyes to the project management field.

For your thesis go with something your comfortable with.

In HR there is plenty of project, you may already have experience in project that can count for a certification CAPM or PMP. Other certification such as PRINCE2 don't require experience.

Best succes in your personal projects

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