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Would the project manager is an integral part going forward?

I came across an article, which promoting Agile approach. In Agile the team is the all responsible for the development, test and deploy the job. here the Product owner, help to refine the product backlog to the sprint backlog, and OK the work done by the team, while the scrum master is acting like a coordinator.

Where is the project manager?
Would it work, a re-branding the coordinator to the Project manager?
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Agile did not end into Scrum. DSDM has project manager role defined. Take a look to PMI Agile extension that was published with the PMBOK Guide. While it is for software only (and Agile is not for software only) you can find the answer there. Remember that project manager is a role that could have other name into some implementations.

I agree with Sergio that project manager is a role that could have other names.
And their role maybe a little different.

As per PMI- Agile Practice guide:

"When working on an agile project, project managers shift from being the center to serving the team and the management. In an agile environment, project managers are servant leaders, changing their emphasis to coaching people who want help, fostering greater collaboration on the team, and aligning stakeholder needs. As a servant leader, project managers encourage the distribution of responsibility to the team: to those people who have the knowledge toget work done."

Saji -

While Scrum doesn't define a role for a PM, project management as a disciplined set of practices is still used. Also the moment a project gets over a certain scale, a PM will likely still be needed to cover off many of the soft skills (e.g. stakeholder engagement, communications, orchestration of work efforts between individual agile teams) and hard skills (e.g. financial planning & tracking, risk management).

Also, given that in most companies, hybrid approaches (a blend of agile & waterfall) get used, PMs are still needed...

Finally, remember that agile & waterfall are two choices along a long continuum of delivery approaches. A pure agile delivery approach will not work for many projects...


I agree with Kiron on this.

In Agile project, PM still manage issues and escalate to the right people to resolve issues. Also, PM informs all the stakeholders about the status of the project. So, like Kiron mentioned PM handles most of the soft and hard skills.

Agree on above comments. However, be aware that in Scrum you have three roles: PO, SrumMaster and Scrum Team. That's it. There are no other roles and titles, when you apply Scrum in accordance with the Scrum Guideline issued by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

Funny, most of the time when a discussion start on Agile, move to SCRUM.
Is there no Agile without SCRUM?

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