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Pains for industrial machinery procurement?
What are your biggest "Pains" when buying industrial machinery?
Are you confortable with your current suppliers? Why or why not?
Is it easy to find new & trustworthy industrial machinery suppliers?
Is it easy to collaborate with them (communication, visits, etc)?
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I am living in a part of Germany, where we do have world leading machinery suppliers (many of them are mid-size companies). It is their core business value to be trustworthy and collaborative.
I am not buying directly but I have been and I am being involved closely on the process from years ago. I do that in different companies belonging to different countries and cultures. I can resume it in one word: organizational style related to procurement is the thing that has the greatest impact in all related to procurement. At least, in my personal experience.For example, in some companies I have the opportunity to work a win-loose culture was in place. If you ask me I do not agree with that. But those companies are inside the top ten companies in the world. So, beyond my personal opinion, I can not open judgment about the style when I look at that from a professional point of view due to it works from them.

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