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How shall i communicate the relaunch of the project?

After scope definition, project enters on the backlog where wait's its time to be implemented. The planning of the IT implementation may take several months.
After the IT planning, it returns to the PMO management to be synchronized with other threads, e.g. engineering, business, operations.
Which advice's do you have to communicate the relaunch of the project?
Although project activities carry on, there is a time period where the project is in a lower rhythm, e.g. from scope definition to planning of the implementation may take more than 6 months. This "asleep" period places challenges in managing expectations.
How shall i communicate this "slower period" on a gantt chart?
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Hi Thiago, if I understand correctly, IT implementation planning is a dependency for this initiative, along with the other threads (engineering, business, and operations). The schedule would reflect these dependencies, highlighting the 'lag' b/t the completion of other planning activities and the completion of the IT Implementation efforts. During this time either all other work is held up, or other non-dependent tasks can be taken up concurrently. This would then reflect on the Gantt. Because a timeframe would be associated with the IT Implementation activity based on pre-determined estimates and there would still be PM related actions to ensure the track, if results remain in line expectations, readiness of upcoming tasks/resources, and communications with the stakeholders.

If I understood well there is nothing to relaunch. The project is still active and it was active all the time. Perhaps the mistake was not to understand that and keep all people informed to not loose inertia. You must generate inertia again Think about what force you will use to push in order to gain in new acceleration (inertia).

It would be a good opportunity to gather interest you could publish new informations like key dates...

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