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Assess what to purchase and create procurement documents comes after ?

Assess what to purchase and create procurement documents comes :

After Create Project Scope Statement ? according to rita


After Iterations according to this post by Vinai :

i need an answer for this confusion Please
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The procurement process is linked through the integration management with the project and it accompanies the project from start to end. You might have long-lead procurement items with higher and earlier planning needs compared to other project resources. So, do not view the procurement process as a strict linear one, understand it as something constantly circling around the project like a space-ship.

Aws -

The timing for procurement activities will be tied to scope definition, resource requirements and lead times for delivery or availability.

On a fully predictive project, procurement planning might be completed early in the project's lifetime, but finalizing agreements might be done in a just-in-time approach. On adaptive projects, planning for specific procurements might only occur once work has been sufficiently defined.


If you are searching for an answer related to a situational question that belongs to exam certification questions the answer is after. Project Scope is all the work required and only the work required to complete the project successfully. If you are asking related the real life then answer is: it will depend on the project life cycle you have decided to use.

Agree with Sergio.
Exam answer is after.
Real life could be different.

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