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15 Top Signs That Layoff Is Coming and It's Time To Look For a New Job

If you are worried about your job than right now is the worst months for layoffs. December and January are the most dangerous months for job holders because that's when most companies finalize their annual budgets. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor's monthly statistics for layoffs the month of December and January account for 25% in a year. July is the third worst month on average for mass layoffs.
1. Multiple Rounds of Layoffs.
There are several rounds of layoffs and you're still standing. Its not a sign that you need to stop looking. The company hasn't solved whatever problem it thought layoffs would fix and more layoffs are to come.
2. Nonessential Budgets Are Reduced or Cut.
Paper coffee cups that were once in lounge areas are gone. The gourmet coffee is now a water down lesser brand and the bagels are gone.
3. Your Company Is Acquired. 
Not what? Is your role redundant? If you’re close to the outgoing upper management, you may be targeted because the new guard wants their loyal people. If you think you’re not high enough on the ladder to worry about management changes, keep in mind that changes rolls down the hill. Upper management may bring in a new head. The new head brings her team over, and that makes you expendable. You don’t want to be caught unawares in a restructuring that alters or even eliminates your position.
4. The Company Opens An Office In a Cheaper Location
First the company relocates part of its operations of non-essential functions. Then the non-essential departments are created there. Pretty soon client-facing roles are there as well.
5. Vendors Complain About Not Being Paid.
It's nice to have friends in the purchasing department. They are the first line of when money needs to be stretched and delay payments to vendors. They could tell you about payment problems.
6. Town Hall Meetings or Departmental Meetings Reinforce That Everything Is OK.
When the upper management start to say not to worry. It's time to worry. Or when the upper manager in a meeting asks to provide him or her the people who are spreading the rumors. It's time to start looking. In speaking with HR person. He said that these kind of reassurances are the thing to look for and that it's time to start looking for a new job.
7. Department or Teams Are Consolidated to Eliminate Redundancies.
Functions are consolidated or outsourced or cut.
8. Products and Projects Are Postponed or Completely Canceled.
Postponed or cancelled products/projects could mean the company is tightening its belt.
9. Senior Managers Resign
One resignation might not mean a lot, but two or more resignations could mean that executives in the know are seeing the big picture and see the company as the sinking ship.
10. Top Talent Start To Leave.
When key people leave abruptly at the same time, it's typically because they don't have a lot of confidence in the company.
11. Communication Stops.
You've been communicated regularly with the team. Suddenly communication stops. Probably everyone got the memo to stay away from you and not provide any information. Once the plan to replace you comes around, you become the outcast that no one wants to communicate with. You will need to decide whether it's better to ask what's going on, or simply start looking. You may want to find out why you are being ignored, try to sit down with members of your team, in a one on one setting. Someone could spill the beans if you’re particularly close with them.
12. Your Responsibilities Change.
Work that you have been performing is being assigned to someone else. It doesn't mean that all the time in the past you were overloaded. Look at the overall situation. You will probably will determine that it's time to look for new opportunities.
13. You Are Asked To Show The Ropes To The New Employee.
You are asked to onboard a new hire. Also, you are asked to train them on the things that you are working on. Ask your boss how the functions are going to be divided. If you are not in the best of terms with your boss. Well, you already started to look for new job before this. Right?
14. You Are Being Written Up For Every Little Thing.
Usually, before if something was wrong you were able to discuss the problem with the person face to face. Now, you are being blamed in every email for every little thing and some that might not have anything to do what you are working on. When someone is going to be fired nothing serves better for justification than a paper trail, says HR person I've interviewed. Start a paper trial yourself. Be deliberate to justify your actions that you took. And do I have to tell you. Start looking for a new job!
15. You've Reading This Article.
Just the fact that you've reading to this point might be a sign that you're ready for something else. Listen to your gut. It's not the indigestion. Start looking for a new job.

You have other Signs That Layoff Is Coming and It's Time To Look For a New Job?
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Good points Igor.

December and January layoffs make sense since it's the end of the year and new budgets come in, for those budgets that work on a calendar year that is.

Thanks for sharing this, Igor.

Excellent points. Thank you for sharing!

Excellent list, thanks for sharing

The first time I was laid off back in 2002 - 1,2,3,6,8,9,10 occurred. After the first two rounds they did communicate with us that they were closing the office and we would all be laid off within the next 3 months. They did it in waves in order to close out some existing projects. Luckily they also gave us a big severance package. In case you don't remember that was during the dotcom crash and the technical job market was flooded with people looking for work. I was off work for 3 1/2 months. I had started looking for a job well before my lay off date.
The thing I learned about losing my job was that it was not the end of the world. You will find a new job eventually.
By the way, July is probably bad because some places like mine have a fiscal year running from July to June.

Excellent list.
Some things I would like to share:
1. I am not sure if end of year is valid in all cases.
2.Top talent start leaving, Multiple Rounds of Layoffs, your company is acquired and offices will start to open at remote places where labor is cheaper is what I have seen
I have also seen, you need to put more hours to show how hard you are trying to keep up in such situations so your group may have slight chances of survival.

Thank you Igor for sharing the reasons for layoff at this time of year.

Good list. I agree. Thanks for sharing.

Nice list Igor.

In my eco system multiple steps i observed getting executed or being a party in execution as well - 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13. Post Y2K, Dotcom era, 2008 recession and thereafter Telecom licenses cancellation (2010-12) of services operators by supreme court of India were different timeframes when all this commonly happened.

Aquisition, merger and resources rationalisation is a ongoing process for a few few industies. Agility is high and disruption becoming a routine for few segments.
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