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Help me to pass PMP exam: March 25, 2017

Hi everyone, I have booked my seats to appear for PMP examination on March 25, 2018, last day of PMBOK version 5:).. I need some help on the areas to focus to spend my time wisely. I am actually not a book reader. I work on IT projects as business partner for a living in a reputed company and have a good idea of projects on medium scale.

Can I get some "Main areas of Focus" to pass the exam?
For example, read Rita & Andy's book, answer according to PMI's perspective & not mine etc..
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Sure John,
Give a good read to exam content outline given by PMI.
Rita is perfect, but do not try to memorize things other than 47 processes and few EVM formulas .
Attempting scenario based questions as much as you can will help.
Get a PMP fastrack software. Simulation exams will help you get a feel of the number of questions to be attempted in allotted time.
Not being a book reader is not going to help, you have to read Rita and Guide to PMBOK 5th edition.
You have chosen a difficult date as after that it will be 6th edition of Guide to PMBOK, so put in your best effort.
Good Luck with your preparation and exam.

You need to focus on all PMBok areas, especially on integration aspects. All areas are important to understand and their interaction to pass the exam. Always try to understand and think in the PMBok context and in BIG project environments. You can find a lot of support on this topic in this web-site. Search for comments from Markus Klein.

I suppose it depends on your study style. The PMBOOK is the area of focus. The other reference materials present the content in an alternative, more consumable manner.

Good luck!

I went through Rita's book, taking quizzes at the end of each chapter. Then took a boot camp a couple of weeks before the test. And did lots of practice tests until I consistently scored 85%. Everyone has their own process, but this was mine.

Rita's book, Andy Crowe's book. Cross reference with the PMBOK, get familiar with all the tasks in the exam content outline, get over 80% consistently in the simulation exams. That should get you through.

I suggest developing a study plan which could include reading Rita's book along with the PMBOK and taking practice exams to identify gaps in your knowledge. The scores from the practice exams will help you identify specifically which knowledge areas to focus more attention.
1 reply by John Philips
Jan 02, 2018 1:08 AM
John Philips
Can you share how u identified the gaps?

With Enthusiasm and dedication, you seem to take the PMP exam. That's the CSF towards your goal.

I also work on IT projects. I have passed PMP in June, 2017. I think, If you want to pass PMP, you need to forget your background and experience and your environment. Only books can give you the standard proper knowledge of project management. Otherwise you will confuse. In real world, all projects are unique and experiences are different.
Also I read Head first in PMP and PMP exam preparation. If you dont like to read, you can start from Head first :)

Good luck

Hi John,

You can find valuable comments & advice from seniors in this platform. This is a popular topic indeed. Do your search & you are not alone in writing PMP exam. You should be fine. Wishing you good luck.


Hi John,
You already received good comments here. But I have to tell you that read PMBoK (as you mentioned not a book reader).
All the areas are important, however STCQ(Scope, Time, Cost and Quality) are the most important to focus on. And of course, practice simulation exams to get minimum 80% consistently.
All the best!
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