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Would you like to obtain a new book on project hi performance for $.99?

My brother, Andrew, and I have completed our second book together. It is called “Flow: Getting Everyone Moving in the Right Direction … and Loving it.” The book shows how individuals, teams, and entire organizations can create and sustain project high-performance using the Flow frameworks, methods, and practices. It is full of case studies of street-level business agility delivered in projects across the United States, Europe, and Asia with powerful results and increased productivity of 300% to 500%.

Dr. David Rico, the Chief Methodologist for Boeing, said this about Flow;
“I came in a skeptic and went out a believer. Ted and Andrew are on to something important and useful not only for the Agile community, but also for the entire business community. It is my belief that their book describing utilization of the Unified Vision Framework will have a ‘Crossing the Chasm’ or ‘Tipping Point’ level of impact. I am proud to be at the front end of a management revolution involving Flow."

NY Times Best Selling Author Dr. Daniel Burrus said this in a tweet regarding Flow;
#TheAnticipatoryOrganization must create & sustain hi-performance. “Flow” by Ted & Andrew Kallman will move you quickly in that direction

Go to Amazon or B&N and buy the book for $.99. If you post a review send me a copy of the review and you can have a free copy of the physical book for S&H cost. The e-Book price goes back to $9.99 Jan 16th.
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Thanks Theodore, for sharing this information. I would love to read this book.

Anyway all the best with your book, and Happy New Year!!

Interesting, will check it out.

Looks like great contribution. Congratulations on completing the book and thanks for sharing it.

Interesting - I will definitely take a look at the book.

Interesting, I will see to it, thanks for sharing

Thanks for Sharing

I already got this today. Looking forward to read it.

Thanks everyone who replied (Saby, I am interested in seeing your review). Flow was at #5 on Amazon today and the first reviews came in.

Rob Sligh, former CEO of Sligh Furniture, said this in his review;

"Flow melds lean and agile processes with enterprise vision and strategy to help power results. I’ve met with co-author Ted Kallman in business settings over a hundred times and have heard personally the testimonials of people from company after company where Flow made an important, positive difference. This book lays it all out in a way that’s easy to understand and take action."

Thanks for sharing

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