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Topics: Agile, Change Management, Talent Management
I am applying Delphi technique on my research proposal. Looking for experts in research as well as in practice, in the field of project management.
I am a Ph.D. scholar. the area of my research is, knowledge transfer in project management. I am developing a framework for developing countries to adopt advanced standards of project management. following action research, I have developed a research process, that needs to review from practitioners to make the framework actionable.
I request those experts who know about the situation of developing countries with special reference to Pakistan
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I am a Project Mangement Professional and have been working and teaching for more than a decade. Currently, I am also doing my PhD and intend to use Delphi method for estimation of ecosystem services (environmental) values of a bird sanctuary near Agra, India. Probably we can help each other.

Thank you very much for your reply, I have completed my analysis and nowadays working on the results.
Your topic is looking interesting.
Thank you for responding. I would appreciate if you share the lessons learnt and update me on literature review.

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