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What project management software do you use and what are the pros/cons of it?
I'm looking for recommendations on what software is preferred by PM's to help track projects and determine resource availability for project requests. We are in transition from traditional to agile so I'm wondering if there is anything out there that covers both? Possibly with global collaboration features, but only if the tool is truly useful and not just administrative fluff. Meaningful dashboards for executive sponsors would be a bonus. And of course, with minimal cost.

What do you use? Why do you prefer it and how could it improve?
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Hi Krista McCord,

Which tool(s) did you finally went for?
For my company, having a technical background with an IT team and limited budget, I went for :
- OpenProject for project tracking and collaborative work
- a WordPress website for project marketing to the company staff and knowledge base
- DokuWiki fo technicall documentation

Kinds regards.
Enterprise Project Management (EPM) over Microsoft SharePoint as well as Microsoft Project
Hi everyone,

In our company we use our own project management software named Gouti.

It allows us both to follow traditional as well as Agile methods. Of course, it offers the essential features such as the planning of our projects, the management of tasks, the workloads tracking and therefore available resources or the production of reports for monitoring.
His strong point is his simplicity and his pragmatism for project management. Our expertise in projects management has greatly influenced us in the development of the solution as well as the return of our users mainly projects managers of large companies.

Of course, if I can give you advice for your search for a PMtool, the most important is to find a software that will fit best in your organization and your structure.
As has been said in several reply, you have to evaluate your agile transition in terms of organization and process and choose your software accordingly. This must remain a tool and not a constraint to follow.

I hope it'll help !
We use TaskQue. You may track Project's as well as Individual's performance through it. Also you will find summaries and insights options which show the progress of the projects. There is a Queue feature in TaskQue which enables users to have limited tasks according to workload. So, you can directly check availability of resources as well. TaskQue has excellent team collaboration features including Discussion and discussion minutes.
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