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Which was your #1 most project challenging situation in 2017?

Which was your #1 most project challenging situation in 2017?
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Comment on your personal challenges...

In 2017, my most challenging situation was to keep check on project budget and Schedule

The biggest project challenge was moving an organizations in-office workforce to a remote workforce.

To many activities packed in a short time frame, with limited resources and very low will of the customer to engage and perform their tasks.

When on one of the project, schedule was cut down with no additional budget and resources.

Lack of support from key stakeholders and limited resources was the biggest challenge in 2017.

Challenges including restructuring of departments, reduction of staff while achieving assigned goals and deadlines. It was a successful year of learning how to do more with less.

In 2017, the most obstacle to me is perhaps the shortage of resources to accomplish too many tasks

Change management, variations mostly related to scope creep was the most challenging during 2017.

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