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Should employees who are to retire soon have access to development programs?

Some of them might show desire to get training, Please comment.
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I think a general fear among employers is that up-trained employees will have an additional incentive to seek opportunities elsewhere; but i'd rather have a skilled team than an unskilled one. I feel development and up-training should be linked to the role an employee is in rather than tenure/ age/ time to retirement.

Few things it depend upon - How soon are they planning to retire? Are they motivated to attend this training or is it something mandatory or forced upon.
Here at City we do have an option for retirees to come back and work part time for few years. In that scenario, it will be helpful.

Perhaps the training could be provided as part of an agreement, such as the employee agreeing to work for 1 year after the training is provided, or the employee will have to pay back the cost of the training. That way the company is sure to get some benefit for its investment in the employee.
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