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Improving a tool

Hi everyone, we have this one tool at work called Contract compliance audit tool (a form in Word). Basically, as soon as we get awarded a contract, our business development team will review the contract, proposal, etc. and put all the requirements and deliverable in this form. The form doesn't capture who's responsible for what (which is not required). Then every year, our Operations team will do an internal audit to see if we have met all the requirements/deliverable, then they'll update the form with Evidence of Compliance or Corrective Action Plan. They Executives want the Project Management team to update this tool. For me, this document sounds like WBS/checklist. What's there to update? If anyone has any idea that this form needs to capture, please let me know. Many thanks!
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Hi Anh, Could you please share the tool? Thanks.

Not sure if you have sharepoint but if you do, you could probably migrate the form there. It has several in-built functionality to create such forms and link them to a workflow, which i think is what your firm needs.

It won't let me upload an attachment. Do you know how I can share the screenshot as an attachment?

Sounds like a good tool. I think it will be nice if you could propose this as a template.

Sromon is on the right path with his suggestion. If we are speaking compliance and auditablity, then a word document won't really cut it. What is needed is an authoritative tool, like SharePoint, that has these features built-in. Ideally, it is up to the individual teams to update, though, end of year compliance is a project in itself and thus should be led as such.

Yes this sounds like a good fit with Sharepoint.

Thanks everyone! Could you plesae tell me the specific features on SharePoint for this tool? Many thanks again!

SharePoint is built on lists. These lists are like excel files in that they are filterable and sortable, but with SharePoint, there is an audit trail of created and modified (person and time) and the ability to attach a workflow to spawn activities like approve/reject/review. That is only the tip of the iceberg but gives you a sense of what can be done and why.

Now on top of all that, all this information is available at a central location. No need for emailing document attachments. From an executive or user aspect, following a simple URL is all that is needed.

Sound like good tool, Can you post screen shot

I had a similar one. It is really perfect. However, the content and frequency of review depends on circumstance.

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