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PMP exam eligibility

I am running my own recruitment consulting business since last 6 years and before that I had experience in project management for around 8 years. I am planning to take the PMP certification now. Would like to understand from the community, if I will be eligible to take the PMP exam now? If not will CAPM be a good start form me? My aim is to get back to corporate life as a project manager again eventually.
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If you can justify the equivalent of 4500 hours of PM, within the last few years then that should not be a problem. In the past it was 4500 hours within the last 8 years.

I would advise you to:
1. Download and read the PMI - PMP Handbook, it would clarify this point
2. Look at your work over the last few years, would some of it be qualified as a project?

I would think that with running your own company you would have enough project management experience to complete the PMP application.
In your current career you probably have projects. If you are asked to find staffing for a company that needs X number of people on board by a date, that is a project with a scope and a schedule and a budget.
Go for the PMP.

I agree with Dinah with your own company, you must have good enough experience to complete PMP application. More over since exam is shifting from PMBOK 5 to 6 in march 18
So if you can make it out then try for PMP Exam with PMBOK 5

Hi Praveen,

Looking at your background, CAPM is not suitable for you. You should aim for PMP instead. Do you search in this community, they are plenty valuable advice & resources on PMP exam preparation.


Agreed with Dinah and Mansoor. With this much experience you should go for PMP, and better hurry, 26 Mar 2018 is the deadline for exam from PMBOK guide 5th edition.

Praveen -

A PMP credential would be preferable to the CAPM, but it will come down to whether you meet the prerequisites or not. If you don't have demonstrable PM experience within the last six years, it might be difficult to show 4500 (assuming you have a Bachelors Degree) hours of experience as PMI cuts it off at 8 years back. You also will need to have evidence of 35 contact hours of PM education.

Assuming you meet those prerequisites, I'd definitely recommend going for your PMP - whether you can achieve it before March 26 might be a challenge.

1 reply by Kishor Negi
Jan 07, 2018 7:33 AM
Kishor Negi
Go for PMP as far as you satisfied all the prerequisites

PMP, go for it!

You always can start with CAPM. However, I believe you have enough experience in the PM can go for PMP. Go for PMP.

I agree with my fellow colleagues, PMP is the way to go based on your background.

I think Dinah, Kiron and others outline my own recommendation nicely above. Go for PMP for sure Praveen, fill out PMP application and determine if you can meet the necessary criteria. I like how Dinah suggested you capture and itemize your "project" work over the last 6 years while running your Consultancy business. Best of luck to you!
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