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What is the best software and best practices for Agile?

Hello Everyone,

Greetings to you and your family on the occasion on Happy New Year 2018.

May everyone have joy in personal and success in professional life in this New Year.

I have started learning in Agile Methodologies.

I would like to know best software and best practices for Handling Agile Projects.
Can anyone help me regarding the same?
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I am not sure there is any one best software, though I have used Jira which is very popular. As far as best practices go, here is an interest list:

I first started Agile with Mike Cohn's book "Succeeding with Agile" and moved forward from there.

I would love one day when people stop searching for best practices. That is a myth. The secret of success in project management is adaptability and flexibility to use the right approach based on the type of project; that is the first step. Therefore, the OPM System has to be tailored.

The second essential step is raise the maturity of practice in your organization by finding the best practices that are YOURS and not borrowed.

Thank you - you just triggered an idea for a blog: The Myth of Best Practices

Hi Tapadhir - There really is no straightforward answer here. Taking into consideration existing practices within the organization, the project, and the expectations of the customer, an approach for executing the project can be defined. There are many options that bring a focus on delivering more often, with feedback loops to ensure delivering value. Regarding software, really, again, much of the same. What will the needs of the users be, architectural considerations? There are a plethora of software options, both cloud and, on-premise, so with requirements in-hand, let the selections process begin.

I suggest with your reading, to look at PMI's Agile Practice Guide.

The first thing to do is to understand what Agile really is. Take into account that Agile is not a method. I am saying that because organizations is starting from years ago intiatives to implement Agile at enterprise wide level. If you need something specific take a look to the new PMBOK GUide and take a look to all listed as recommended reading into the Reference List
My recommendation is not taking a look to the Agile Practice Guide.Because it was created with the Agile Alliance, and Agile Alliance is software oriented, the Guide will confuse you instead of helping you.

I use JIRA and it's a pretty good tool. If you want something more modest I would recommend Trello
1 reply by Shivanjali Bhutkar
Feb 08, 2018 12:18 AM
Shivanjali Bhutkar
Any advice on JIRA Vs Trello? What is limitation in Trello?

Feb 02, 2018 6:27 PM
Replying to Jose Luis Cruz Morales
I use JIRA and it's a pretty good tool. If you want something more modest I would recommend Trello
Any advice on JIRA Vs Trello? What is limitation in Trello?

I used 3 different tools - JIRA, Rally and VersionOne. But I personally liked JIRA due to its wide range of offerings from the Atlassian market place such as documentation, team communication, chat, code, build, integration and release management. It is a complete end-to-end software development and management suite of applications. Please reach out to me if you need any further information.

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