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Organizational Agility
Recently, I 've attended a workshop for PMI institute in which the speaker discussed the agility of organizations and how they should adopt an agile way of thinking, managing and running the business at the organizational level, this will provide more adaptability, opportunities, flexibility to change...etc.
What do you think about this? up to what extent do you agree/disagree?
Please tell me what do you think?
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Unfortunatelly PMI´s workshop and people that talked into it was software oriented. By a chance question of destiny I was part of the "genesis" of Agile movement when I participated on the place where Agile and agility were formally defined (USA DoD NSF/Agility Forum, 1990) and the software implementation where I was part of the group of authors of DSDM where I worked with Arie Van Bennekum and others. Forget about me, to understand what agility is search for the forum deliverables or Mr. Rick Dove´s "Response Ability" book that contains most of the deliverables because Rick was the program manager of that initiative. Lot of work in that sense has been made in the last version on the PMBOK GUIDE. For example, agility is not the same than flexibility. Agile is to implement Agile and flexibility is to implement Lean, which are not the same.
PMI has published a short article into PM Network I have the opportunity to write ( and in tha last number published you can find some practical comments about it (
Abdulrahman -

Scratch the surface of agility and you find a lot of the same principles underlying lean and many other such philosophies.

The challenge with organizational agility is (similar to organizational project management maturity) the magnitude of the mindset & behavioral changes required to succeed as well as the criticality of a sustained commitment which in this day of quarter-to-quarter focus is rare.

Organizational agility is distinct from and, in my opinion, more important than simply using an Agile methodology or framework for project management. To put it another way, using Scrum on projects is not what makes an organization agile.

Organizations can benefit from greater agility, adaptability, flexibility... call it what you will, it is most effective when it is the whole organization. However, I'm more inclined to call it agile with a purpose. It's not about changing direction every time the wind blows. It's about the whole organization being able to respond to change so that the change is not hampered by internal forces or factors.
Abdul, I think it is not only possible but can be quite beneficial.

Have a look at ING bank's way, as one example:
Or a good book explaining agile organizations
Or an article in LinkedIn

And BTW - PMI is supporting these ideas
Agile can be seen as organizations being adaptive and resilient
Kiron and Abdulrahman,

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