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Is the usage of mobile project management tools influenced by national culture?

Hi all,

Due to my background in the mobile phones industry and work abroad in different cultures I am currently researching the usage of mobile phone based project management tools and the influence of national culture on tool usage (focus is German and Chinese culture, but others might be added and discussed, too).
Therefore I am planning to have several rounds of open surveys as well as expert discussion (probably in form of a DELPHI study).

A few questions arose upfront:
1. Is there any interest in the PM community?
2. Would there be volunteers to provide expert judgement?
3. Would there be volunteers whom could share their experience (be it tools or culture related).
4. What SW tool are you using for mobile project management?

I am in the early stages and still gathering information, hence any feedback will be highly appreciated!

Best regards

PS: Post will probably be cross-posted to Linkedin and other forum.
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I can't say I use any mobile PM tools, not because they aren't out there or beneficial, but simply because of the limited screen size.

National culture for sure can influence the use of project management tools because in my sight most important factor in determining the use of project management tools is the education level of the nation as most new and modern project managers are more inclined toward getting more done in the shortest amount of time.
I recently interviewed digital project manager Brett Harned for our TaskQue blog which is why I know that mostly modern project managers are more inclined in being connected all the time and having a bird view about all the projects running under their wing.

just out of curiosity, what are the aspects of culture that you're considering? is it factors like arpu and penetration rate?

I feel mobility is essential and unavoidable therefore industry functions and linked verticals are adopting it in most of their business processes. PM processes will also adopt it through omni-channels and all size screens !!

I use the Wrike mobile app for personal use.

I have never used any mobile app tools for managing project and have no inclination to use any in near future too.

I agree with Sante it is nice and handy to have the mobile tool running certain software to show dashboard of activities of project on Tablet would still be OK but on mobile phone (cell Phone) the small screen would not be favourable as mentioned by Sante.

Prometheus software can be integrated with SAP You can set an alarm for different threshold or control points to send an email to you but then we need to balance our life not looking all time at the activities.

I echo Sante's opinion.

Hi all,
thanks a lot for your comments! It is interesting to see that there are very different opinions - reaching from "no use at all" to "its essential".

@Sromon: I am not looking for performance or financial measurements. I am more interested in the effect the underlying "programming of the mind" has on usage behavior: e.g. are certain cultures using more list views, bullet points are some more icon based visualization, is it actively used also for communication or passively for monitoring status and progress...
Especially when dealing with distributed teams over various time-zones and cultures I think this could have positive or negative impact if one is not aware of how mobile project management is utilized.
What do you think?

Kind regards

Right- that's a very interesting topic and also very challenging. I saw some papers/ articles online where people have studied the impact of cultural practices on app development. As you mentioned initially, it will be critical to identify experts, since many articles on cultures are often based on incorrect perceptions or a superficial understanding.

all the best!
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