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CAPM course online

I'm currently doing PMI's online CAPM training course and am almost finished but still don't feel like I understand the process of project management or the technologies used. Is there another resource for learning this career? Also, I was wondering if anyone here has actually had this certification or taken this course? Thanks!
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I just recently took the CAPM Exam and passed. I used Velociteach "Pass the CAPM 5th Edition Exam" 30-day course. They offer an online training course with practice exams for each process and knowledge area and multiple other options. They did a great job at explaining the foundation of PM. Let me know if you need any info on this.

Hi Sara, I passed my CAPM on Nov 2017.
I took CAPM prep seminar on Udemy by Joseph Philips, Studied PMBOK & took mock
exams on "" these 3 were useful in passing the exams.
If you don't feel comfortable in understanding the concepts, I would strongly recommend you to watch PRAIZION media videos in youtube.
Phill C Akinwale is a great instructor who teaches the main flow & processes so crisp and clear. I watched many of his videos to understand the concepts...

All the very best for your preparation

Hi Sara,
i passed my CAPM certification with above target and i use only the CAPM prep seminar on Udemy by Joseph Philips and some test question very realistic in udemy. i learn ITTO by heart and make the effort to understand all the concept. I read the PMBOOK but i don't think it help me.

Good luck

After I did a class course in CAPM, I was afraid as I know that it was just too intense to soak in all that info in that one course. You need to read the entire book again and do lots of mock questions.
Has anyone done the PMChallenge that offers here? I recommend adding this to additional study material.
Do as many sample questions as you possibly can as it will help you identify your challenging areas.
I shall be attempting the CAPM exam in March. I shall investigate the recommendations here also.

Awww I've started the Udemy CAPM Exam Prep course and I must add to what with our friends here that it's very useful. I've already done a class training but I this exam prep is a wonderful supplement.

Sara, you ought to try it also. Thanks to our friends for the recommendation.

Hi, how will PMI know that you completed the 25 hours with Udemy for eligibility to take the CAPM exam?

Hi, nevermind! For any newbies, you get a completion certificate after you complete the Udemy CAPM exam prep taught by Joseph Philipps. Started this today, and I'm confident this will get me the CAPM within 4-5 weeks.

PMSTUDY, PMPRECAST & Udemy are best websites for PMP & CAPM

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