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Newly hired as Project Manager
Hello everyone ,..

I have recently - this month - landed myself a decent job as Project Manager to one of the largest companys in my country. Truthfully, I did few projects in my previous jobs but unlike this one I think, I am a little confused of where to start.

Please share some useful topics you think I might need to know before i start in February.
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Congrats Luay. Yes it can be scary when you start a new project and don't know where to begin. Its a little difficult to answer this without more context so I'll just provide a general guideline.

When your lost, this is where understanding the PMI structure and lifecycle helps you. Refer back to your PM training. Use the 5 process groups and 10 knowledge areas to provide some guidance on where you are in the project and what you need to do next.
Hope that helps.

Luay -


Learn as much as you can about the company and its projects.

If you can before starting, reach out to any contacts you have and take them out for a coffee to get their perspective on what works and doesn't as well as their take on the culture within the company.

Use online sources to learn the common types of risks which impact projects similar to those you will be doing.

And get plenty of rest & relaxation - it's going to be pretty busy and stressful once you start!


Luay, congratulations and all the very best.

Your job description is important, so check with your boss and get your detailed job description. You need to gain a crystal clear perspective of what you’re supposed to be doing now that you’re a PM.

Congratulations Luay - I echo Kiron's opinion. Also learn about the team and see how you can delegate the tasks efficiently and effectively.
Thank You ALL for your kind and warm hearted advices. I will have all these tips in mind

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