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Has anyone integrated MS Project with Jira? If so, how did it work out?

I like Jira's Kanban board feature, but if the tasks' on the Kanban board aren't connected such that date and duration changes cascade across them, I don't see how the board can be usable for projects consisting of more than a few tasks.
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Eric -

I've not looked into any automated integration between the two, but what I've done in the past on traditional projects where Jira was used was to extract tasks expected to start within the next reporting period and add those in to Jira - essentially, using a timebox overlaying a normal phase-based project.


We haven't integrated Jira and MS Project, but we are using both. For better or worse, the end result is that I sometimes find myself tracking work packages in MS project, with BAs and Developers managing their tasks in Jira. It creates extra work on projects where I need to micromanage tasks in Project, as well, but that is sometimes necessary.

Eric -

Another thing to consider is the level of detail in each - you could develop a schedule at a higher level of detail and then have much more detailed activities in Jira...


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