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What is the best way to manage wastes on projects?
What is the best way to manage waste on projects?
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Your posts are cryptic.

Define waste? Are you talking about construction waste or over expenditures or excess materials?
Hi Samer,

There are plenty of "lean" techniques designed to reduce waste by improving our processes but all of them depend on a given context. (e.g.: 5S, MVP, Value Stream Mapping, etc)

However, sometimes what we think is a waste actually can turn into a new revenue (the 3M sticky notes case).

Controlling cost is crucial to project's success where reducing waste plays an important part. But it is vital to keep our eyes open and our brains fresh to see the whole picture and capture opportunities in the chaos.
I can write a lot. But if you let me a piece of advice there is a key thing to define to not fail: what does mean waste for your organization. If you do not define it then you will fail.
My experience on project waste is when you have a team that just can't get their act together and time becomes a waste. You cannot recover lost time it's gone.
Samer -

To echo Sergio's point, if you haven't defined value, then it's hard to recognize waste. Starting to see value through the eyes of your customer will start to make you see waste everywhere.

However, remember that most knowledge-based work will never get to the same level of process efficiency as manufacturing - 40-50% is about as efficient as you can hope for given the higher level of interpersonal communication and collaboration.

Like Kiron and Sergio, What is waste in your context?

I see you have LEED, so you might be in construction.

The first thing is to reduce at the source? Don't get excessive quantities.
Can some item be reused?
Thank you ALL for sharing your valued knowledge.

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