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Are new Technologies and Trends changing the project manager's responsibility?
With modern approaches and new tools in the industry, project manager's responsibility needs to take a shift towards more technical and the people management.
Modern technologies bring new skills and new responsibilities to a project manager. Assessing various project management tools, applying suitable methodologies have become primary skills. Still communication plays the vital role in the project management.
Do you agree with me?
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Project management responsablity never was technical, except from techniques related to project management discipline itself. So, nothing new below the sun.
Juli -

If anything, I'd say that there's greater emphasis on a PM's soft skills. While domain expertise is expected, unless an organization is trying to get their PM to play multiple roles, deep knowledge of a new technology should not be required.

However, as the pace of change is accelerating, even a broad level of domain knowledge will need to be refreshed constantly to keep a PM from becoming obsolete.

On the contrary, I think it say the same with less time and ressources to help.
More and more organizations are using my friend Sergio's favorite term " Agile Project Manager". Therefore, even though Project Managers may have Prince 2, PMP and several years of experience under their hood and might also know the Agile buzz words and have probably used them, the lack of certifications like SaFe Agilist and Certified Scrum Master make them ineligible . I think there is a growing trend and a belief out there that if you are not Agile, you do not know how to run projects. Sad state of affairs.

There is also this concept of a "Digital Project Manager" which is a buzzword for a few years now but no one is able to give me a correct answer on how this term differs from an IT Project Manager.

On the other hand , employers do insist on domain experience , especially relating to jobs in Human Capital Management . You need to have worked in the HR Domain with experience in Payroll and recruitment to be considered as a PM leading an HR System Implementation for instance.
The similar trend is seen in Salesforce CRM or SAP implementations where you ought to have shown experience working with these , to be considered as a CRM Implementation Project Manager.
Yes it's true, one can't just be a "Project Manager" anymore. We need some other buzz words thrown in to give it more weight ;-)
How can one project manager plan without knowing the technologies? In my opinion project managers are converted into agile scrum masters in many companies I heard. Still, as a scrum master, facilitating team is the major responsibility.
Change in technologies may need more collaboration with various streams. However project manager responsibilities remains same with more responsibilities I would say.
The various aspects of planning and managing work do not necessarily change based on the technology. We still have to manage scope, issues to resolve. and manage risks etc.

Technology has given us the ability to communicate faster and in more real-time. So, It looks like some aspects of communication may have been affected by technology.

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