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New here and young. Where can I find PM/CM's in the construction field to ask questions about the industry?
I am looking for construction managers to seek advice from (if it is ok with them), but I have no idea where to find them. Any help would be appreciated.
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I would recommend to contact your local chapter for advice, however in this community there are amazing PM's that maybe can help you.
Hi Cody,

Welcome to this community. Can you please let us know what kind of advise are you looking for ?
Hi Cody,

First welcome

You can ask here in the discussion section. There is also other part/section where you can find templates or other informations that you will enjoy.

You may find in previous discussions on specific subject. People here are from various backgrounds or industry.

Just ask like you just did.
There are number of project managers and experts who would be willing to answer and guide you on issues/ road blocks you might be facing on your project. You just need to be specific about what you are looking for.
Yep just post a question and some of the construction expert PM's will surely respond.
Thank you everyone for the prompt responses. I will be more specific and reach out on here more often. Happy Tuesday

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