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What was the best opportunity you have exploited in your previous projects?

What was the best opportunity you have exploited in your previous projects?
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I'm not sure the best, but one of the most enjoyable was saving a boat load of money when rolling out OS upgrades to 5000+ workstations for the leading Australia retailer, simply by negotiating with the vendor on volume licensing based on the Y2K scare, and the ever so subtle threat of changing OS by changing the desktop hardware.

Samer -

An exploit strategy is focused on guaranteeing the realization of a positive risk.

On a few of the systems integration projects I managed a long time ago, the timelines had been defined based on staff having average skills and we had established some incentives and penalties for variance on key milestones. By leveraging my pre-existing relationships with functional managers, I was able to get much more senior resources assigned which enabled us to deliver earlier and hence, earn the incentives.


One I find the best, is the opportunity to finish early and get millions in bonus. Not on one of my projects!

Thank you ALL for sharing your valued knowledge.

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