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What strategies do you use to build trust with the project team?
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1) Understand the strengths and qualities of your team member

2) Examples :- If the team member is good in infrastructure setup, ask them what they think is the most practical approach to deploy a particular piece of infrastructure. Consult them in anything technical . This gives them a feeling that they are your go-to person and will start trusting you.

Similarly , if someone is good in documentation like your project coordinator, thank them and appreciate their attention to detail . This will make them work even harder for you.

In short, use their abilities and qualities to benefit your project.
3) Build a relationship. If its the first day of the new year, wish them and ask them how they celebrated it. Share something about you like your hobbies and interests or kids and see if they reciprocate and you may be able to find something common with that person.
Just wish them good morning and ask them how they are going and offer to help if they need advice on anything. You may not be able to provide it , but you may be able to find a person who can help them out.

Don't lose it to begin with!


Spot on Kiron.

Be honest, transparent, supportive & lead by example.

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