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Have you ever faced a cultural conflict in your project? how did you solved it?

Have you ever faced a cultural conflict in your project? how did you solve it?
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Best was to solve it... Is to understand the culture. Seek to truly understand the culture. In other words, be open to learning about the new culture and customs. Do not judge... Seek to understand.

Samer -

I'd echo Demetrius's feedback - honest curiosity and active listening can help with identifying the underlying issues behind a conflict. Such a conflict might trace back to insufficient time spent up front developing ground rules with the team.


I concur with Demetrius and Kiron's comments here.
Never try to interpret values, behaviors and beliefs through the lens of our own culture.

it happens a lot specially in GCC where people from different countries are working together.
No body can learn others culture, in addition there is thousands.
The best way is to bring together the conflict team in one room and let them be honest about the meaning of the word spoken or the gesture done.

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