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PMI Project of the Year Award

Everyone likes recognition for their good work! And excellence deserves appreciation and the rewards that come with it.

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has instituted different awards to recognize project management excellence. The awards honor professionals, organizations, scholars and authors for the project management profession’s most prestigious and globally recognized achievements.

PMI’s ‘Project of the Year’ Award recognizes large and complex projects that best deliver:
- Superior performance of project management practices
- Superior organizational results
- Positive impacts on society

To be eligible for the Project of the Year award:
- The project budget must be greater than $100 million US dollars. Projects with a budget less than $100 million should apply for the PMI Award for Project Excellence
- The project must have been completed no more than 18 months before the application deadline
- A project which has either won or has been previously nominated for the PMI Project of the Year Award or the PMI Award for Project Excellence is not eligible

Some of the major benefits on receiving the PMI Project of the Year award include:
- Recognition at PMI’s Global Project Management Conference in an awards gala for the winner and two finalists
- Coverage in PM Network magazine, opportunity to showcase your project in a global webinar, and other channels
- Worldwide recognition and one of the highest project management honors for excellence in project management
- The opportunity to network with worldwide project management peers

You can get information about some of the past Project of the Year award winners here:

Do you know of a project or have been part of a project which should be recognized for its project management excellence? If yes, then please initiate the award application process RIGHT NOW!

All of the nomination submission documents are available at or you can contact . Last date for award submission is 1 March 2018.

For further information, check out
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Great discussion Rahul and great information for those interested in the Project of the Year’ Award

Food for thought.

Thank you Rahul for sharing the information and eligibility criteria for PMI’s ‘Project of the Year’ Award.

Thanks for the information Rahul.

Rahul, thanks for sharing this information.

Thanks for the information Rahul

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