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How to Disagree with a Superior? Recommendations?
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I fail to see the bias Mounir. Certainly from my viewpoint a disagreement is rarely about right or wrong, just a disagreement, and this post has been about how to handle it.
A disagreement can be based on facts and different perceptions on a problem. Then you can use problem solving, as it is suggested in most replies.

Most disagreement include emotions though and therefor have a potential of a conflict. Conflict solution starts with clarifying the relationship.
For example if the sub approaches the boss, the sub fears the reaction of the boss, if he is uncertain about it, The boss might like this or is empathic enough to try to ease this uncertainity.
The boss might feel,his status threatened, and/or feel a lack of respect as decision maker and work assigner. If the sub tries to gather support, the boss migt see this as attack against his role and the current governance, as a mutiny.
For the sub it is also good to understand, why he disagrres, emotionaly, Is it a feeling of autonomy, freedom of choice or responsibility outside of the current assignment?

So, as a sub I would clarify my own motives and make sure that I anticipate the potential feelings of the boss. If I still want to make the point, think about which emotions to trigger and to avoid.
Several tips may be found in the famous book " How to win friends and influence people". In short, start off genuinely acknowledging his/her views, and then bring up smoothly yours.
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