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Daily progress update

How to get the daily progress update from the team? Where everyday face to face meeting is not possible.
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Jan 23, 2018 9:34 AM
Replying to Janice Grier
Daily conference calls & SharePoint are tools I use.
Thanks for your input


You should not make a face to face meeting daily for progress update. Use a certain template and customize it to suit your project and have it updated and circulated on daily basis.

Virtual meetings work well if they are conducted properly.

I normally use Skype for business, and SharePoint dashboard for the daily progress meeting.

Do you really need daily updates? Take in mind also your team communication needs, sometimes too much meetings aren't productive.

For daily status, quick stand up meetings with defined agenda given before meetings, so team can come prepared or provide if they can't attend/ update any online shared document.

we use Skype for Business and Sharepoint to ensure to be updated on daily status of the projects: usually we use Skype only for weekly compliance, for issues and for the monthly project review meeting (which requires too employers and too hours to be managed in another way): only when it is possible (and it is not easy for this situation to occur) we do the PRM face to face
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